The most versatile drip coffee maker on the market is brought to you by the coffee experts at Tecnora. The Tecnora Caffemio TCM 206-Drip Coffee Maker comes with three filters that include one nylon for several cups of mild coffee, one stainless steel for several cups of strong coffee, and a special stainless steel filter for the one or two cups you need without compromising the strength of your brewed coffee. Either you are looking for a decent coffee maker for your family, or you want to serve some great coffee to your customers, the Caffemio is all set. A pulse water-delivery system and a different water sprinkler disc ensure that the coffee grounds were evenly soaked to extract the full flavour.

The anti-drip feature lets you remove the glass carafe to serve yourself a coffee without even interrupting the brewing process. The keep-warm feature maintains the temperature of the brewed coffee thus keeping the carafe warm at all times. The quintessential solution for salons and small offices, the Caffemio is also ideal for making black or green tea. With the Caffemio TCM 206-Drip Coffee Maker, some freshly roasted and ground coffee, and some milk, you have got a complete beverage solution at the touch of a button.

Features of Tecnora Caffemio TCM 206-Drip Coffee Maker

Multi-Filter System: Tecnora Caffemio TCM 206-Drip Coffee Maker comes with three separate filters for a complete coffee experience. Nylon Filter for a large quantity of mild coffee. Stainless steel filter for a large amount of strong coffee. And a Compact Stainless steel filter for those one or two cups without negotiating the strength of your coffee.

Pulse Water Delivery System: The hot water is released in pulses on the coffee grounds rather than a continuous flow. The soaking of the coffee extracts more flavour making the decoction as rich and intense with Tecnora Caffemio TCM 206 Drip Coffee Maker.

Additional Water Sprinkler Disc: A quick attachment in Tecnora Caffemio TCM 206-Drip Coffee Maker ensure even soaking of the coffee grounds. As the hot water is dispensed in pulses onto the coffee grounds, the sprinkler disc deflects the water, so it covers the entire area and soaks the grounds evenly.

Anti-Drip Feature: Reach out for a serving of coffee while the brewing is taking place, and there will be no spills. It allows you to remove the carafe while the brewing is taking place. A spring enabled stopper would block the flow of coffee as soon as the carafe was removed and avoid spilling. Now put the carafe back in its place, and the brew drops in again.

Keep Warm Function: After the brewing gets complete and the water tank is empty, the hot plate on which the carafe was placed continues to heat the carafe and keep the coffee warm until switched off completely. Ideal for making Black or Green tea as well.

Perfect Solution For Small Enterprise: A steady supply of freshly roasted and ground coffee and some milk powder is all you need to be guaranteed of a great coffee experience for you and your customers. The Caffemio is a complete hot beverage solution in your hands now with Tecnora Caffemio TCM 206-Drip Coffee Maker.