Sony Alpha A6300L 24.2 MP Digital SLR Camera sits at the top of the Sony APS-C camera lineup. It is faster than its full frame cousin and both aims at focusing and shooting. Sony Alpha A6300L 24.2 MP Digital SLR Camera is capable of capturing 4k videos. If a CSC sensor will feed to your needs, then Sony A6300L is the best camera available. The descendants of Sony Alpha A6300 are a6000 and NEX-6. All three generations are an above mid-range option for those willing to spend a decent price on a design that’s a little smaller than a DSLR. The A6300L is the most high end of the trio. The layout and style of A6300L are very similar to a6000, but A6300L is few millimetres thicker and heavier than a6000. It is made of some stronger parts in certain areas. The back and the front frame of this camera are made of magnesium which makes the camera fee sturdy and solid. There is a roughened finish to the frame which offers extra hit o toughness like magnesium DSLR’s. There is a nostalgic retro charm to the Sony A6300L, and it is striking and attractive even though the most of the design cues are contemporary.

The shooting performance is the main reason to pick this camera over other full cameras.  At full resolution, the camera reaches 11fps (frame per second) with a buffer which lets yu to shoot at a speed of 45 frames of high-quality JPEGs. It last exposures while switching to JPEG+RAW. But this camera will not suit serial action shooters, and they may consider Canon 7D MK II. The camera takes two seconds to go from “off” to take your first shot, and there is no shutter lag in this camera. The focusing of this camera is incredibly fast in daylight time, and it has 425 phase-detection points which cover the entire sensor. There is no touch screen on Sony A6300L, and you can either manually choose a point by using the D-pad controls or just use central focusing and whip the camera around if needed. These DSLR-style ways to focusing work well in a camera with enough bulk to make D-pad control sense right.

Features of Sony Alpha A6300L 24.2 MP Digital SLR Camera

The top features of Sony Alpha A6300L are listed below

4K movie recording: Sony A6300L allows you to record the videos at 4K. Full pixel readout without pixel binning achieves the ultimate in 4K video resolution and reality.

Professional movie functions: Record the videos at the ultimate resolution in 4K video quality and enjoy other entertainment features which are favoured by professionals.

High-speed continuous shooting: The camera ensures clear coverage of crucial moments. You can select continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking up to 11fps, or up to 8fps with the live view featuring minimal display lag on the EVF or LCD screen.

Preview and monitor: The high-contrast, high-resolution XGA OLED Tru-Finder gives spectacular views, especially when the new high-frame-rate 120fps option is selected to display smoother action for smoother tracking.

PlayMemories Online: You can backup your photos to Sony secure cloud service and access your photos and videos from any device securely.

Simple connections: It is east to transfer image data from A6300L to mobile devices with the wireless links via near field communication.

Capture One Express: It is one of the world’s best RAW comprises, rendering precise colours and incredible detail. It includes flexible digital asset management, all the necessary adjustment controls and fast, responsive performance in one customizable integrated solution.

Explore the next dimension: It has advanced 4D FOCUS tracks even for fast-moving subjects quickly and precisely.