Track our body values with the Soehnle Web Connect Series online, anywhere, anytime. With its new Web Connect Scales concept, Soehnle Body Analysis Scale Web Connect is setting new standards in personal fitness tracking. Body values such as weight or body mass index and body fat can be saved long-term at and their development displayed in clear progress charts. It creates transparency concerning the success of your personal fitness goal, and eight members of the same house can use the Soehnle Web Connect. Soehnle users continuously maintain an overview of their progress, ensuring that they stay at their ideal weight. The scale also provides an ideal fitness platform for everybody who wants to stay fit and active and keep an eye on their fitness levels, as analysis data can be retrieved. Retrievable body values are always available for analysis, and checkups with the launch of the internet-capable Web Connect and Web Connect Analysis scales.

Just connect the scales, web box and network cable and measure your body values. There is no necessary to install any software or applications. With the high-performance wireless data transmission from the Web Box to the scales, results are transmitted immediately and automatically at free of charge internet portal Its intuitive user interface has been optimized for the smartphones and tablets as well as for PCs and Macs and is available in many languages. Analyses can be retrieved worldwide, anytime. With hands down with its new Web Connect concept, Soehnle is setting new standards in simplicity, and the tracking of weight and key body values with its new Web Connect concept.

Features of Soehnle Body Analysis Scale Web Connect

Fitness App: The new Soehnle app for the Web Connect Analysis digital body scales enables the users to view and evaluate their body values very quickly. The data are saved, analyzed, and their development is illustrated in clear line charts.

User-Friendly Design: The usability and stylish presentation of the app’s self-explanatory operating controls let you with a hassle-free use of both the app and the scale. The app’s overall design is user-friendly and modern. More safety due to the large platform made of safety glass on the scale.

Display: Illuminated Blue-lit LCD screen with large digits in Soehnle Body Analysis Scale provides the user with a comfortable reading of Automatic transmission of body values, e.g. weight, body fat and body water content, as well as muscle mass illustrated in the Soehnle Online fitness portal.

Features: Soehnle Body Analysis Scale can automatically recognize up to 8 persons. Alongside the body weight, the scale also measures body fat, body water, and muscle mass and even calculate your body mass index. It also features an automatic on-off function.

Compatibility:  The app works on PC, MAC, tablet or smartphone (iOS and Android) and is compatible with the Soehnle Fitness app, which is free of charge, and the Apple Health App in Soehnle Body Analysis Scale.

Load capacity: Soehnle Body Analysis Scale could measure 150 kilograms. Switch between kg/lbs. Ideal for those focusing on their health and wanting to monitor their body data for the long-term.