With Samsung WW90K6410QX Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine, you can enjoy the washing Experience with the features like add wash, diamond drum, bubble technology, digital inverter motor, ceramic heater, Smart check, delay end, child lock, super seed, eco-drum clean and much more. The Samsung WW90K6410QX washing machine features inox grey coloured body with the crystal glass doors which brings the beautiful and calm look to your interior home. The add wash door allows you to add the forgotten laundry in the running wash cycle without the need of starting the new wash cycle. The digital inverter motor of this washing machine features a brushless design which uses the magnet for the drum’s rotation. It ensures the long lasting performance, reduces noise and cuts the energy waste. The diamond-shaped drum has a flexible curl design which provides powerful 5 step super cleaning. It moves the clothes smoothly along the drum, and the small water exit holes in the drum prevent the clothes from getting snagged. The eco-drum clean is an eco-friendly drum cleaning cycle that removes the detergent residue and dirt builds up on it without any help of harsh chemicals.

The eco bubble technology contains bubble generator which helps in dissolving the detergent in water and injecting the air from producing a soapy foam cushion. These soapy bubbles penetrate quickly into the clothes which result in effective cleaning of clothes even in cold water. The super speed feature will help you to complete the regular wash cycle within an hour without compromising on cleaning performance. The ceramic heater reduces the calcium build-up and enhances the heating ability to save more energy. The smart check feature helps in troubleshooting the malfunctioning of the washing machine with the aid of your smartphone app. Some of the other exciting features of Samsung WW90K6410QX Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine are child lock and delay end.

Features of Samsung WW90K6410QX Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine

The top features of Samsung WW90K6410QX are listed below

Powerful Filtration: The magic filter in this washing machine gathers lint, fluff, and dirt that come off your clothes and flushes them out of the washing machine.

Wind Speed Drying: The wind speed drying system in this washing machine minimises the moisture content in your clothes by adding the air vents and enhancing the spin cycle. It results in quicker drying of your clothes.

Eco Bubble Technology: The Eco Bubble Technology in Samsung WW90K6410QX helps in converting the detergent into bubbles as the bubbles can penetrate into clothes easily and removes dirt efficiently. This technology also helps you to keep your clothes protected.

Intense Stain Removal: The washing machine’s Bubble soaks Technology releases and removes even the toughest of stains from your laundries. The machine’s diamond-shaped drum puts your clothes into a gentle wash cycle, so they do not get damaged.

Wobble Technology: Samsung WW90K6410QX has a wobble technology which generates dynamic, multi-directional washing flow, so your garments are put under a vigorous but gentle wash cycle.

Easy Opening and Viewing: The appliance’s tempered glass window allows you to check on your laundries without having to lift it. It is also outlined to be durable and scratch-resistant.

LED Display: The readings of the Samsung WW90K6410QX Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine are shown in its streamlined and modern ice blue LED display.