The South Korean Giant, Samsung had a fair few cracks at smartwatches now, with some faring considerably better than others. The Samsung Gear S2 indeed turned the closest to hit rather than a miss when compared to previous models. The Samsung Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch has an aesthetics of a truly premium smart watch built with the most advanced features right into the watch design, which made it is so easy and effortless to use the Gear S3. It is done specially for those who want’s to go on days without needing their phone or to recharge. One could get to feel free with the Gear S3. Gear S3 has some of the universal principles of the round display and Tizen-based operating system. Enlarged with a raft of new sensors and a bigger, bolder design that closely resembles the classic analog timepiece. The rotating bezel makes a welcome return.

You can be able to pair it with your Samsung phone, most Android phones, and now it even works for the iPhones. Gear S3 is a forward-thinking choice that offers you a touch of luxury.It is also adding features such as built-in GPS for sports tracking and a speaker to make calls, sending out an SOS alerts,  Samsung Pay to pay for your stuff from the wrist, along with a bigger battery. Samsung has gone big on its design and features but has it built on what it achieved with the Gear S2. The more significant part shouldn’t be understated, though. Due to packing in the likes of GPS, a barometer, an altimeter and larger battery, the Samsung Gear S3 is a seriously bulky smartwatch. It would not suit every wrist. The latest Samsung Gear S3 Classic smartwatch sets you away from your phone in the most natural way. Turn the bezel for responding to calls, to read messages, and to go to the app you need.

Features of Samsung Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch

Design: The Classic errs more towards classic timepiece styling, with its traditional-style crowns and leather strap and the dial measures 59g. Two buttons were provided on the side to access the menu and go back and there you will find the microphone. Gear S3 come with a built-in speaker, so you can use it to make and receive phone calls or play music.

Display: The Samsung Gear S3 makes you looks and feels as natural on your wrist when you use it. Like a traditional watch with a much bigger version of the Gear S2. The smartwatch display size is around 1.3 inches with Super AMOLED technology. Gear S3 has 16 million color palettes and carries an always-on display which shows a lower-power version.

Charge Wirelessly & Fast: When the Gear S3 needs a charge, just set it down on its wireless charging dock. Need not wait too long, because it will charge quickly. Go for up to four days before putting it down for a charge.

Calls From Your Wrist: You don’t always require your phone when Gear S3 is on your wrist. You could take and make calls with its built-in speaker. You could also check the voice messages and hear the alarms you set.

Turn the Bezel: Pick or reject phone calls, control the volume, turn off alarms,  and display brightness levels. Browse apps and scroll through your emails. Turn the round bezel to make actions.

Songs To Go: Put your Bluetooth headset and listen to your favorite songs or stream on your playlist. Keep your workouts going, and your trip jazzed up. The Gear S3 has 4GB internal memory and take your music with you, without the weight of your phone.

Resistant To Water & Dust: Wear the Gear S3 out irrespective of weather and in all sorts of places. It is rated as IP68, and so it could withstand dust and dirt up to 1.5 meters or about to 30 minutes underwater.

Download Apps Right Away: Get access to the Gear App Store right from your Gear S3 and download apps and the watch faces you want.

Swap Bands Out For A Change:  Gear S3 is compatible with a standard 22 mm bands wide and selection of bands is available from Samsung.

Pick & Choose Your Watch Face: Transform the appearance of your Samsung Gear S3 just by changing the clock face with the 15 preloaded designs and much more available on the Gear App Store.

Health & Fitness Tracking: Step up on the elliptical, row your way towards health, lunge forward and crunch abs. When your Samsung Gear S3 is synced with the S Health app, you will get a detailed information and long-term reports about your workouts, and the progress, you are making.

Notify Your Emergency Contacts: Just press the home button three times, and you can immediately send your location to the predetermined people of your choice who would then be able to track your whereabouts in real time.

Stay On The Map: Even without your mobile phone, you could check the distance you have covered, and the trail you need to take. You can track your progress from your daily runs to your golf score on the green. The GPS on the Gear S3 takes care of all.