The ReTV X1 is an HDMI tv box that would convert an ordinary TV into a smart TV. It is a streaming device much different from others as it provides some new unique features like it allows the user to select what they want to watch with the Remote. Watch what you loves on the TV now with the ReTV X1 streaming device. It is an Internet set-top box, started by Billion Plus Computing, a tech startup based out of Mumbai, that aimed at enabling everyone, including Indian homemakers, parents, and kids, to watch their favorite shows, movies and online videos of their pick on the TV. The ReTV personalizes one’s television experience by giving them the content they like. Whether it was a movie or an Indian and international shows, latest web series, or online videos. All of them were provided with one friendly interface requiring only two clicks on the remote to watch all them.

If you have used any other smart HDMI dongle, then almost all of them work with the smartphones. That is you need to use an app, installed on your smartphone and then use the same smartphone as a remote. The ReTV X1 is a lot different, and you don’t need any smartphone. The remote is more than enough, in fact, there is no requirement to log in using your Google account. The usability and simplicity of the ReTV X1 were a constant mention. Existing and prospective viewers of content simply have to plug and play the device on their TVs and start watching personalized content.

Features Of ReTV X1

Design Specifications: The square shaped set-top box has the curvy edges. ReTV X1 has a glossy white body with a good build and finishing. There is a circular rubber pad on the bottom that helps give this box an excellent grip. Provided with power on/off button on the top with a LED.

Interface: Build with an easy-to-use interface such that the ReTV X1 can be handled by anyone who knows to operate the remote.

Operating System: The ReTV X1 is using a 64-bit 2GHz quad-core chipset that runs with Android 5.1 (Lollipop).

Storage: The ReTV X1 has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. It can be connected to WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0. It also supports 4K video support, H.265 decoding and this device could play almost all the video and audio formats.

Other Medium Support: The device supports external pen-drives and uses the micro SD card or connect through the external HDD and play content stored on those respective devices.

Content: With ‘Featured’ or ‘Staff Picks’ section, the viewers could select shows they want to watch. Need not open any individual apps, ReTV X1 plays videos from 200 video sites within one unified interface.

Web Channels: Need not search for any videos. ReTV X1 finds the latest and attractive contents in the categories box and lets you select the shows.

Dial A Channel: For the first time in the world, a new feature with which one could contact the ReTV team by phone, text or online and tell them what they wish to watch. The team would craft a channel especially for what the viewers asked.

Kids Friendly Channel: ReTV offers Kids mode boasts of over 20+ web channels specially made for children in all ages. Also, there would be tons of kid-friendly shows and movies, shown in a child-friendly interface. ReTV also has inbuilt parental controls that keep them out from all adult content.

Live TV: Viewers could watch Live sports and channels from various online sources directly with ReTV. If you are considering to giving up your cable TV, then ReTV X1 would be an ideal replacement.

Search Online and Torrent Streaming: The unique feature about ReTV is its online searching capability. ReTV allows searching for shows and movies on various third party sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. for videos and torrents with one click.