The Misfit Phase offers daily fitness tracking in a well-designed watch that can be worn anywhere, including the pool. The focus is on simplicity, with an automatic activity and sleep tracking, plus a replaceable battery that will last six months. The result is a device that makes it refreshingly easy to keep tabs on your daily activity and not ruin a professional appearance, though fitness-focused types might hanker for more detail. The Misfit Phase is a hybrid smartwatch, and it has no screen, but it will alert you to notifications using vibrations and hand movements, and it will track your movement and sleep too. Misfit has long been one of the pioneers of more subtle and discreet fitness and activity tracking.

The 41mm face of the Phase is minimalist and therefore easy to read at a glance. The Phase records your activity automatically and categorizes it as light, moderate or vigorous. Misfit will also show you how much more activity is required to hit your daily goal. The Misfit Phase does track your cycling automatically, but only if you wear it on your ankle. It is a waterproof smartwatch that is resistant up to 50m, and the Phase will monitor your activity in the pool and give you credit in the form of Misfit Points. The Misfit Phase is comfortable enough to wear at night. It tracks sleep pretty reliably, breaking it down into the light and deep sleep, as well as any periods in the night when you wake up.

Features of Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch

An Evolution In Watch Design: Misfit Phase is packed with powerfully smart features that showcase the strength and style, and it delivers the information you need for today’s connected life. Put Misfit Phase into Smart Button mode to call your phone, take selfies, and control lights, music, and other connected devices.

Built-In Activity Tracking: Misfit Phase gives you instant feedback on your daily fitness goals. Just toggle to activity mode, and the watch’s hands move to show your progress. Misfit Phase wirelessly delivers the detailed activity data to your smartphone.  Track steps and distance, monitor your sleep duration and quality, tag specific activities, like running or yoga, see the log calories burned.

Smartphone Notifications: The device syncs with your smartphone and gives you a color-coded vibration alert when you get a call, text, email, or app notification and acts as a smart button to control lights, music, and other connected devices.  Vibration alert comes for incoming calls and texts, with caller ID, incoming email and app, smart alarms and movement reminders. With the smart-button mode, one can call your phone, take a selfie, play and pause music, control smart home devices and more.

Always On Mode: Water Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch is water resistant and is crafted from premium materials runs on replaceable batteries that last up to six months. It means Misfit Phase is always on, enabling it to deliver more data, better insights, and stronger motivation.

Misfit App: Bluetooth-enabled to sync with your smartphone to deliver call, text, alarm notifications, and get custom settings via the Misfit App. Auto-update date and time automatically reset during travel or season changes. You could assign up to 12 contacts to each of the hour marks, and when a call comes in, the watch will vibrate, the notification window will turn green and the hour and minute hands will point to the relevant number.