The LG T7267TDDLH is a fully automatic top loading washing machine, and it comes with the powerful air dry technology. The washing machine ensures that when the drum rotates, the air dry sucks the air and ensures that it could remove moisture from the clothes as well. The machine features unique designed turbo drum which ensures that your clothes are completely taken care of during the timing of washing. The drum also features the dual direction facility which reduces tangling of clothes and ensures that clothes stay fresh for a longer period. It is completely free from wear and tear. Anti-Bacteria Plastic Filter is designed with this machine which ensures optimum durability and easy to use.

LG T7267TDDLH is very compact and nice in design and ensures that it can last for a longer period. It is designed with the stainless steel tub which ensures that this machine remains more durable for a longer period. It also ensures that the machine remains free from stain and odors. LG T7267TDDLH is designed with various types of wash programs which include quick wash, tub clean, turbo wash, gentle, jeans, normal, etc. The LG T7267TDDLH has a washing capacity of 6.2 KG which ensures that it can wash a lot of clothes at once. Fuzzy Logic is designed with this washing machine which guarantees that it could clean a lot amount of clothes at a time.

Features of LG T7267TDDLH

Turbo Drum: The unique technology knows how to take care of your clothes while giving you the perfect wash. The dual direction rotating drum reduces the tangling of clothes, and it ensures that your clothes stay as fresh and new for much longer than ever before. The LG T7267TDDLH machine is now less susceptible to wear and tear giving you a longer life. Turbodrum will allow the movement of the drum in the opposite direction of the pulsator, for a doubly-efficient wash action.

Jet Spray: Jet Spray is a unique washing Technology, and it removes the detergent stains completely during the rinse. During rinse when the tub spins quickly, water is sprayed forcefully on the clothes from the top through the nozzle. As a result, the water will penetrate into the clothes removing all the detergent stains giving a perfect wash with efficient use of water.

Smart Filter: LG T7267TDDLH top loading washing machine has smart filter option like Anti-Bacteria Plastic Filter, which makes the machine durable, easy to use, hygienic, i.e. Anti Bacteria. It comes with a nice and compact design.

Stainless Steel Tub: The LG T7267TDDLH washing machine is durable at the core with the stainless steel tub. It is more durable than the plastic, and it repels the stains and odors.

Punch +3 Pulsator: The LG T7267TDDLH has Punch + 3 Pulsator that propels detergent-rich water vertically into every thread of the fabrics. The three mini-pulsator technology will generate powerful microcurrents which ensure you better quality wash.

Fuzzy Logic Control: A built-in load sensor in LG T7267TDDLH  automatically detects the laundry load, and a microprocessor will optimize the washing conditions such as ideal water level and washing time. Set the Wash Program type at Fuzzy, and it would sense the appropriate washing method that is required to give you the best washing performance.

Air Dry Technology: When the drum rotates the airdry system sucks in air, thereby throwing a blast of air on the clothes. Thus the air dry system removes moisture and leaves clothes free from bad odor and bacteria and also facilitates you with faster drying of clothes.

Waterfall Circulation: LG T7267TDDLH improve rinsing effect, and provide the flow of water, various and evenly strong washing currents.