LG P9032R3SM is a semi-automatic washing machine with unique cleaning technology of LG which takes care the washing of your clothes. It makes sure that your clothes are washed so clean and look as good as new. LG P9032R3SM is available in burgundy color which definitely will attract the attention of anyone who walks in it. It looks very elegant because of glossy finish. The plastic body of machine ensures that it is durable and it is shock and rust proof. The Roller Jet Pulsator makes friction to clothes and gives better quality wash by removing dust and mines. LG P9032R3SM comes with 360 magic wheels which help you to shift this washing machine from one place to another Place with ease. Moreover, the wheels can rotate in any given direction without putting any effort.

The latest rat-away technology of LG P9032R3SM helps you to protect your machine from rat induced harmful effects and it contains rat repellant chemical on a plastic cover is 3mm thick. It will safeguard your washing machine from rats cutting the inside wires or coils which affect the durability and performance of the washing machine. It is enough to bring this super fast and gentle washing machine to your home which gives you clean, soft and new like clothes on every wash.

Features of LG P9032R3SM

Punch + 3: Punch+3 features one main pulsator and three mini pulsators around. The punch action creates three powerful streams of water that frequently move the laundry up and down in the drum ensuring that the terrible soil is eliminated from your laundry. This unique arrangement of pulsator produces optimal washing action to your washer.

Roller Jet Pulsator: The rollers will add friction to the clothes to remove dust & mites. It will result in a better quality wash to make the clothes to look like new after each wash.

Magic Wheels: LG P9032R3SM has a 360 Degree Magic wheels which help you to move your washing machine with ease. It allows the swift movement and rotation in any direction without putting much energy.

Rat Away Technology: LG brings with the best technology to this washing machine to protect your machine from the rat. It has a 3mm durable plastic cover with rat repellent chemical. It ensures any harm done to your washing machine is reduced, which enhance the durability and performance to give you a best in the class experience.

Wind Jet Dry: Wind Jet Dry will reduce the remaining moisture inside the washing machine and on the laundry. With the tub spinning, the air comes into the tub and circulates to remove water. The circulation of air through air vents dries washing tub after finishing the washing process in a short time.

Lint Filter: Lint filter is a detachable one, and it collects the fibers that come out during the washing of clothes. Hence the fibers will not get stuck in the pipe, which it will give a better washing experience.

Collar Scrubber: LG P9032R3SM has a collar Scrubber which helps you to scrub cuffs and collars. Hence you can save more time and efforts.