Guard your home with the power of technology with the Kevo Convert Bluetooth Smart Lock Kit. Install easily to replace your existing deadbolt, and this smart lock gives you the ability to watch your door no matter where you are. Using the app, you can control the Kevo Convert Smart Lock and even grant access to your friends and family when you are out. With an eKey for everyone, you could also use the Kevo Convert Smart Lock and the Kevo app to keep track of those who has locked and unlocked your door. Kevo Convert uses the dual factor authentication for the highest level of security. Kevo Convert will automatically close your door 30 seconds after opening for safety and peace of mind. The Kwikset Kevo Convert Bluetooth Smart Lock is cheaper when compared with most other smart locks on the store, and unlike many of them, it doesn’t require you to renew your existing lock.

Instead, Kwikset Kevo Convert was designed to be on the interior of your door and automatically lock and unlock your deadbolt when you tell it by using the Kevo app on your Android or iOS device. The lock history section in the app is another nice touch. It will offer the users with an accurate and detailed list of comings and goings. It only works with app-enabled entry, although you can use your key to get in or lock the door by turning the deadbolt by hand, and it won’t show up in the app. Kevo Convert is a breeze to install and use. Additionally, it has a sleek and modern aesthetic to fit in seamlessly with your other home decor. Kwikset Kevo Convert Bluetooth Smart Lock even comes with multiple sets of parts and adapters.

Features of Kwikset Kevo Convert Bluetooth Smart Lock

Kevo App: The Kevo app can be downloaded and is compatible with the smart device to lock and unlock your door and track home access from the smartphone. Instantly give, remove and customize the access to all those who want to enter your home. Send and retract the digital eKeys in a flash with the Kevo app.

Kevo Convert On The Inside: Replace only your current lock’s internal hardware and install Kevo Convert in minutes. The Kevo app has step-by-step guidelines for installing and configuring Kevo Convert. The device will include color-coded connectors, easy install mounting plate, both standard and drive latch, and easy-access window on the interior.

Keep Your Existing Deadbolt: Kevo Convert will control your existing deadbolt by locking and unlocking from the inside of your door. Kevo Convert is compatible with a standard deadbolt mounted separately from below the handle.

Lock & Unlock From Your Smartphone: Use your phone to lock and unlock your Kevo Convert within the Bluetooth range. For more control, upgrade to Kevo Plus with a one-time fee and lock or unlock your door from wherever.

Track Easily: With eKeys, give access to your loved ones to enter your home from your phone. Get a notification when they use one Who comes and goes.

Discreet Security Features: From the outside, it looks like your standard door lock. But it is discreetly converted into a smart lock to give you all the convenience and security features of an electronic lock.