The Core i7 7700K is a part of Intel’s 7th Generation Core CPUs, which often goes by its internal code named ‘Kaby Lake.’ The Intel Core i7 7700K processor is the Intel’s fastest consumer grade processor ever. Using Intel’s third set of processors at 14nm, using the new 14+ variant, we have received a processor with the better frequency and voltage curve that would translate more in the performance, better efficiency, and the potential to push the silicon further and harder.  The Kaby Lake stretches from 91W on the mainstream desktop down to 4.5W for notebook processors. All of them uses the same underlying technology in the different core and integrated graphical configurations.

The Intel Core i7 7700K is the top part of this processor family, featuring with Optane memory, four cores with hyperthreading, a 4.2 GHz base frequency, a 4.5 GHz turbo frequency, a range of new 200 series Union Port chipset to support the processor. Kabylake is how Intel hopes to materialize what it calls the immersive internet. The improved IGP on the Kabylake processor goes a long way towards making this a possibility. And that’s by making the 4K content consumption easier, helping bring the popular titles to each and every one along with VR and 360-degree video playback experiences for incredibly vivid gaming and remarkable viewing.

Features of Intel Core i7 7700K Processor

The Speed You Need:  The 7th Generation Intel Core i7 7700K is equipped with the rapid responsiveness and thus has the power and speed to keep up with your demands entirely. Open files and programs even more quickly and seamlessly switch between the applications and the web pages without any further delay.

Optane Memory: The technology that has changed the face of computing with an unparalleled combination of speed, endurance, and density. The new premium class of non-volatile memory gives you fast access to a large set of data, unleashing an amazing new experience for those who demand a high performance while maintaining a higher capacity.

A 200 Series Union Point Chipset: The new motherboards with every microarchitecture release have been a point of contention for quite some time. But the new 200 series Union Point chipset fit with Skylake CPUs, and Kabylake CPUs would fit with the older Sunrise Point 100 series chipsets.

Improved Clock Speeds: Kabylake’s flagship Intel Core i7 7700K is clocked at a 4.2 GHz with the Turbo Boost that propels it to 4.5 GHz.

Full Hardware VP9/HEVC Decoding: Kabylake will feature a new improved Intel HD Graphics 630 which has a peak clock speed of about 1.15 GHz. It supports a full hardware based VP9/HEVC decoding thus boasting the capability of handling 4K 60FPS 10-bit.

Intel Optane Technology Support: Otherwise termed as 3D Xpoint “3D-cross-point.” Compared to SSDs, it boasts about 10x lower latency, 3-4x improvement in reading and writes speeds compared to the current NAND along with a packing density that is four times greater than DRAM. i.e., more capacity/unit space.

More PCIe-Lanes: While the CPU would still provide for 16 PCI-Express 3.0 lanes, the PCH on the Z270 boards would now provide a 24 PCI-Express 3.0 lanes which are an improvement over the 20 lanes that 100 series Sunrise Point chipsets used to provide.

Microarchitecture: Intel Core i7 7700K Kabylake would be the first microarchitecture since the Core I series debuted to have an unlocked Core i3 processor.

Immersive Entertainment: Experience an ultra high-definition content with the clarity and sharpness of 4K resolution. Featuring 4x more pixels than the full HD screens, you’ll get crisper, clearer images for an immersive viewing like never before.

Hassle Free: Computers are more hassle-free than ever. Login quickly and easily with a facial recognition technology, get 0.5-second wake and never feel weighed down with new razor-thin devices.