The hunt for an innovative and smart washing machine ends with IFB Serena Aqua SX that is efficient and packed with advanced features at the same time. It is equipped with a stainless steel drum along with a built in Aqua Engine Filter. The machine gently washes the clothes without affecting its quality in any way. IFB Serena Aqua SX also functions as a dryer thus giving you with the ultimate choice of fully automatic machine. The IFB washing machine brings you a maximum washing capacity of 6 kg so that you will never have to worry about larger loads. The overall dimensions of the device are 598 X 506 X 875, and it weighs approximately 64 kg. The sleek IFB white washing machine does not require any pre-installation and can be easily placed at the desired area of the house in a hassle free manner.

Many more unique features are part of its system that includes Rapid Wash, Wash Mode, Temperature, and Drain + Spin. IFB Serena Aqua SX washing machine comes with an exceptional six wash programs which are Easy Care Plus, Allergy Plus, Mixed Loads, Shirts, Drain, Blouses and Sportswear. The maximum speed of the IFB Fully Automatic washing machine is 1000 RPM that make use of tumbler washing system for cleaning the clothes to perfection. The IFB Stainless Steel drum washing machine provides LED and Audio Indication, Barrier Free Program Console, 3D Shower System, Inbuilt Anti-Crease, Crescent Moon Drum, Laundry Add Option, Program Status Indication along with a Smart Selector.

Features of IFB Serena Aqua SX Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine

Aqua Energie: A unique built-in aqua filter in IFB Serena Aqua SX washing machine will treat hard water thus improving the life and performance of your machine. It breaks the bicarbonates in the water and reduces them into crystals. These crystals are microscopically small and would flow with the water instead of forming crusts. The filtered water is soft and will facilitate wetting of clothes. The detergent enzymes will dissolve in the water thus giving your clothes a better wash. It reduces scaling on machine components.

Water Plus: IFB Serena Aqua SX washing machine provides an additional spin for extra dirty clothes. The Water Plus Program pampers the fabrics such as silk and wool by loosening the dirt and washing it away. With Serena Aqua SX, you will get more than just a perfect wash. It comes with an increased RPM that increases the level of dryness and a big door that makes loading and unloading easy. The features like Water Plus allows you to add more water and Aqua Energie feature turns hard water to soft that helps in dissolving the detergent better and prolongs the life of washing machine.

2D Shower System: IFB Serena Aqua SX washing machine adds dynamic movement to the water and assures that you get a cleaner and fresher wash for your clothes anytime. A unique water system with nozzles circulates the water 360 degrees in the drum. The detergent will dissolves 100 percent and penetrates into the clothes deeper for a cleaner wash. During rinsing, fresh water penetrates deep into the clothes to wash off all traces of the detergent. The clothes come out with a cleaner, brighter, and richer look.

Crescent Moon Drum: The crescent moon shaped model on the IFB Serena Aqua SX washing machine’s inner drum protects clothes during the wash. Water curves up in a swoosh pattern and prevents the clothes from rubbing against the wall of the steel drum. Clothes get a gentle yet thorough cleaning.

Auto Imbalance System: If the wash load is unevenly distributed, the IFB Serena Aqua SX washing machine will re-distribute the load to balance it inside the drum. In this process, the washing machine would start and stop during the rotation cycles as it balances the load.

Foam Control System: IFB Serena Aqua SX will automatically sense the generation of foam and activates a dilution system to dissolve the excessive foam. It helps in maintain the wash quality.

Laundry Add & Protective Rat Mesh: Laundry adds feature lets you add clothes even after the wash cycle has started.  An additional cover at the bottom of the machine will protect against the possible damage caused by the rodents.