Headphones are often a gadget that people fail to appreciate fully. The Here One buds are straightforward. In the face of all the latest tech trends, the headphones remain just as versatile as ever. They are the virtual reality devices that let the user experience concerts in their homes, and they are the first wearables to reach ubiquity.The Doppler Labs has brought a new role in shaping the consumer attitudes toward the future of AR. They have no weird dangling handles, or wing tips, or clips that go behind your ears. They are just two cylinders, in either black or white, about a nickel in diameter. The buds ship with three variant sizes of the interchangeable tips, in both foam and silicon. They are light but large enough that they might strain against smaller ear flaps than mine.

The Here One wireless headphones provide more than the experience of listening to tunes, and they are about hearing different aspects of life unfold at the volume you desire. The Here Ones are all about listening. You listen to it and more impressively, they listen to everything happening around you. Each of the earbuds packed with three MEMS microphones, which process the sound around the user and deliver it to their ear canals with zero latency. Using this feature called Active Listening users can adjust the noises they are hearing in the world around them, boosting voices or toning down the party. Here One wireless headphone come with a charging case that has a built-in battery that delivers over three full charges which at least means you are not constantly looking for an outlet.

Features of Here One Review

Listen: Enjoy the premium quality sound and stay connected. Experience the best in truly wireless audio and connect to any device with the Hear one earbuds.

Music Streaming: Stream your favorite music with the best sound quality. Here One headphone deliver you a premium quality sound through the high-fidelity balanced armature speakers.

Video With Synced Audio: Here One uses NFMI technology to ensure audio and video sync perfectly and get away from the lagging wireless audio a thing of the past.

Hands-Free Phone Calls: Answer your phone calls in a hands-free mode with intuitive Touch Controls provided with Here One earbud. It uses a six directional microphones such that to provide you clearer calls.

Smart Assistant: Quickly access Siri or Google Now from your Here Buds for music, calls, and more. Here One’s machine learning engine utilizes your location, past use, time of day, and personal preferences and provide you with audio suggestions at the right time and place.

Layered Listening: Here One’s proprietary Real-World Sound Control will transform the way you hear the world. Blend your streamed audio and the sounds around you to find the perfect balance with the layered listening.

Real-World Volume: Turn on the volume of the real-world up or down with a swipe to tune into a conversation or tune out unwanted noise. Real-World Sound Control lets you hear what you want and tune out what you don’t want such that you can control your audio experience in every environment.

Smart Noise Filters: Selectively tune into the sounds you want to hear and reduce the sounds you don’t wish to. Cancel out an airplane engine but still hear the flight attendant, reduce office chatter, amplify speech, and more with the smart noise filter.

Speech Amplification: Focus in on only those who are around you in loud or even with the busy environments. Here One has packed together with all of its processing power into some of the smallest earbuds on the market.

Live Mix: Transform real-world sound or mix live music by adjusting the EQ and adding effects like bass and reverb, all in real-time with Hear One earbud.

Personal Listening Profile: All of us hear the world differently. Even our left and right ears can have slight variations. Here One learns all your unique hearing preferences and create a personal Listening Profile that optimizes real-world sound for your ears according to your needs.

Software Enabled: Both the Here One app and the Here One Buds receive a regular update and deliver you with better listening experiences personalized to you.

Battery & Connectivity: Hear One provides you 2 hours of streaming with every charge. Extra charges can be done with a portable charging case that works for 3x times. Bluetooth and NFMI connectivity can be done with the wireless earbuds.