Fitbit has been balancing the fitness-wellbeing divide for quite some time, and now the Fitbit Alta HR is the latest fitness tracker for those who want to keep half an eye on their fashion choices, half of their activity and still be poised for further high-intensity workouts. The extension of the new heart rate monitor means the HR is better equipped for your workouts. It’s still pitched at the people with modest fitness goals, along with those who may just want to see their heart rate in the context of day-to-day activities. The Alta HR is very lightweight, impressive considering everything crammed in and just 15mm in width.

The Fitbit Alta HR is a stylish, and slim wristband that would appeal to people who prefer their tracker to be modest but fashionable. The new Alta HR adds a heart-rate monitor and much-improved sleep-monitoring features to the original Alta tracker. The Fitbit Alta HR is water-resistant wearable but only to sweat and rain. Fitbit claims that its Alta HR is the world’s slimmest tracker along with a heart monitor. Alta HR includes an informative display and more functions. With the heart-rate monitor you get improved fitness stats, get more help with the calorie-burning targets and some super sleep metrics. Add in the much-enhanced wristband, and the Alta HR looks a hit.

Features of Fitbit Alta HR

PurePulse Heart Rate: When it comes to your health, heart matters. Heart rate is a powerful tool that could help you reach your goals faster. PurePulse in Fitbit Alta HR tracks it continuously on your wrist, even without a chest strap.

Better Calorie Burn Tracking: Fitbit Alta HR measures your heart rate all day, and during workouts, you would get a more accurate measure of your calories burn with Fitbit Alta HR.

Make The Most Of Each Workout: Use the heart rate zones to see how hard you are working during exercise and dial your effort up or down.

Gain Insight Into Your Health: See how working out more could impact your resting heart rate, a key indicator of cardiovascular health with Fitbit Alta HR.

Steps, Calories & Distance: Track your all-day activity, and tap the OLED display of Fitbit Alta HR and see how closer you are to your daily goal.

SmartTrack Auto Exercise Recognition: The Alta HR auto-detects workouts like running, elliptical, biking and more, and logs them in their your dashboard.

Auto Sleep Tracking & Alarms: Track your sleep duration automatically and consistency now with Fitbit Alta HR. Then wake up quietly with a silent alarm.

Sleep Stages: Using heart rate, Alta HR will show your time in light, deep and REM sleep to help you in understanding your sleep quality.

Call, Text & Calendar Alerts: Receive call, text and calendar notifications on the display of Alta HR, so you will never miss the messages that matter.

Customizable Clock Faces: Choose your clock display based on the stats you want to see and the design that suits your taste now with the Fitbit Alta HR.

Reminders To Move: Fitbit Alta HR gives friendly on-screen messages that encourage you to reach mini-goals of 250 steps each hour.

Battery Life: A single charge in Fitbit Alta HR gives you up to 7 days of battery life, and so you can plug in less, and move more.