The Fisher-Price’s Musical Lion Walker is perfect to steady the baby’s first steps while exploring the new world of walking. A sturdy, lion character themed walker featuring two modes of play with one as Sit and Play and the other as Stand and Walk. Sit and Play mode features lots of busy activities to entertain the baby including a light-up nose for baby to press, piano with lively sounds and music, a mirror with peek-a-boo flip page, two playful bat-at rollerball ears, colourful spinning dial, three clacker bead toes and a slider butterfly on lion’s mane. In Stand and Walk mode, the baby gets encouraged to walk with rewarding tunes and ditties that play as baby walks.

With the two different “grow-with-me” ways for baby to play, Musical Lion Walker stands out in the market. With lights, sounds and eight different busy activities, Fisher-Price Musical Lion Walker encourages younger babies to sit and play in the form of batting, spinning, flipping, pressing, clacking, sliding and playing peek-a-boo in the mirror. And when the baby is ready to pull up, stand and walk, this sturdy lion friend bravely steadies baby’s first steps. Lights, sounds and music will play as baby push the lion along.

Features of Musical Lion Walker

Sit & Play Fun: Younger babies will enjoy Sit & Play fun with the Fisher-Price Musical Lion Walker. Eight different activities will keep the little hands busy with lights, sounds and music that adds more fun.

Stand & Walk: When your baby is ready to pull up, stand and walk, Fisher-Price Musical Lion Walker is Roaring to go, ready to steady baby’s first steps. The lights, sounds and music play as baby pushes lion along, encouraging baby to keep going. The sturdy four-wheel base lends constant support to new walkers, with a big, easy-to-grasp textured handle.

Cause & Effect:  Introduce the cause & effect to your baby to as it is kid’s actions that make fun things happen. Baby can press lion’s light-up nose or colourful piano keys, bat at his rollerball ears, grasp & slide his clacker bead toes, and spin and slide the luminous dial or butterfly.

Self-Discovery & Awareness: Peek-a-boo-mirror with the Musical Lion Walker encourages self-discovery and awareness. Sitting up for play will helps your baby strengthen muscles, balance, and coordination. Lights, sounds, music and interesting textures to touch and feel will engage baby’s senses of sight, sound and touch and of course, walking and pushing lion along will exercise baby’s gross motor skills

Hands-On Activities: The 28 different hands-on activities exercise baby’s fine motor skills. The activities include the Light-up nose, peek-a-boo mirror, musical piano keys, flip page, clacker bead toes, bat-at rollerball ears, spinning dial, slider butterfly.