The B-series earphones by Brainwavz B100 has come integrated with the Balanced Armature Speaker technology which is known to produce high-grade audiophile quality sound at an affordable price. Balanced armature earphones feature single balanced armature drivers, with different tuning characteristics. Balanced armature drivers are capable of producing highly detailed sound, but only for the frequency range that they have been tuned too, unlike dynamic drivers which can handle the entire frequency range well enough. The B100 is positioned as an entry point for anyone looking to get their feet wet with the balanced armature earphones.

Brainwavz B100 will satisfy all your audio needs regardless of what genre of music plays through them. It is optimised for balanced sound, focusing on vocals and controlled bass. Balanced armature units are a small rectangular capsule like units, which manufacturers can fit two or three in each earpiece, or in conjunction with the dynamic drivers or even have swappable drivers. The Brainwavz B100 earphone have a kind of twisted plastic cable, and the detail of the cable gives it a more premium feel even. The earphones stay inside your ears quickly, and quite comfortably too.

Features of Brainwavz B100

Design: The most prominent design in Brainwavz B100 being that these have an over-ear design, whereby the cable hooks over your ear. The earphones have a design developed in such a way to fit into your ear more comfortably. The B100 earphones are very light as balanced armatures are much smaller, and the rest of the space is left presumably for the bass to play.

Build: The housings of Brainwavz B100 are plastic, that helps in keeping weight down, but doesn’t convey the premium look and feel of the metal. The B100’s 1.3m cable is long enough for the use while at your desk or when travelling. The cable has a simple rubber sheathing over its OFC (Oxygen-free Copper) core. There is an L-shaped 3.5mm plug at one end, which is gold plated.

Technical Specifications: The Brainwavz B100 earphones work on a Single Balanced Armature driver with the impedance rating of 50Ω. The sensitivity of the earphones is measured at 110 dB at one mW. The frequency range of these earphones is at 15 Hz-to-22 kHz.

Performance: The over the ear design makes sure the Brainwavz B100 earphones stay in the ear while running or jogging. The noise cancellation is excellent which is partly due to the balanced armature technology and partly due to the comply tips included.

Sound: The closed-back earphones sound great, and it seems to be featuring the sound better than the more expensive ones. The sound from the B100 was like a breath of fresh air. It was evident with distinct separations from the highs to the mid.The bass on the Brainwavz B100 is pretty pronounced. The Comply foam ear tips will do a fantastic job of isolating the ambient noise.