The Bingo M2 Fitness Band is a wearable smart band that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Bingo M2 Fitness Band has a Square Shape Touchscreen Dial display pattern having a resolution of 240×240 pixels and dial size 47x40x9.9mm with the strap having black colour with weight weighing 200gm. It features an OLED display, sleep monitor, pedometer, calorie meter, and more. It also comes with a calling function, SMS, notifications, and sports tracking. The Bingo M2 Fitness Band is an IP67 certified smart band which is waterproof up to 30 meters.

Track all your health patterns, communication needs and many others now quickly with fitness- first approach and the sleek looking smart band with a silky touch. The Bingo M2 Fitness Band has a battery capacity of 70 mAh and thus provides a standby time of up to 300 hours and a current power status indicator. The Bingo M2 Fitness Band weighs just 6.9 gms and is one of the lightest in the market. The fitness tracker is made with Plastic ABS and TPS elastomer. The smart band comes with top notch build quality, and it provides outstanding protection from the UV radiation and resistance to abrasion, sweat and sebum. It is safe and durable.

Features of Bingo M2 Fitness Band

Design: Bingo M2 Fitness Band has a Square Shape Touchscreen Dial display pattern. The resolution of the smart band is 240×240 pixels and dial size 47x40x9.9mm with the strap weighing 6.9 gms. Bingo M2 is made of a high-quality plastic material with a leather strap, and its rounded corner shapes make it more elegant and attractive to be fit at your wrist.

Display: The Bluetooth fitness band is fabricated with 0.42 inch OLED Display that fits your wrist perfectly to maintain fitness. The Bingo M2 Fitness Band offers a silky touch that enables the user to monitor and work for your fitness goal. Its total length is about 235 mm, and it has an adjustable length in the range of 155-210 mm and width of about 19 mm.

Connectivity: Bingo M2 Fitness Band operates by connecting your smartphone via bluetooth. It is compatible with the Android, and iOS devices support having Bluetooth version 4.0 and below.

Chipset Mechanism: A high technology involvement procedure the Bingo fitness bands to deliver more capability and reliability to keep the watches more responsive as well as faster.

Track Your Activity: With Bingo M2 Fitness Band, tracking your activities is straightforward that include recording your steps quickly, with the Heart Rate Sensor, check your heart rate and the Sedentary Reminder will remind you when you hadn’t moved from one hour.

Smart Functions: Bingo M2 Fitness Band features calling function, and that enables you to make a call and disconnect it with hands-free calling service. Send and receive messages with the Phonebook features and also you can Sync its history with an Android Phones through the app. Unit conversion, alarm, calculator, calendar, stopwatch, and many more options are also available.