Carrying earphones would have never been so simple. You would have undergone a lot of buzzes. It would be no more now with the introduction of Beats X wireless headphone. Ever since the launch of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, alongside with AirPods, it was the talk due to its advanced wireless technology. It has over, and the wait for Beats X began. The Beats X is a new pair of headphones developed by Apple.Inc’s subsidiary, Beats Electronics LLC(aka Beats by Dr.Dre), which is known for its audio products. Although the launch of Beats X was delayed for months,  yet it has come up with noticeable features. The BeatsX was tagged as $150 in the USA, £130 in the UK, and AU$200 which was little lower than the Apple AirPods, which cost $159 in the USA and £159 in the UK.

The Beats X is wireless in the sense that they connect to your phone via Bluetooth. But unlike Apple’s controversial AirPods, there’s a “Flex-Form” cable wire that connects the two buds and lets the headphones stably rest around one’s neck when not in use. It was made of nickel titanium alloy or nitinol, and was developed by the US Navy in the late 1950s and is very lightweight, malleable, and durable. The key to it here is that it gives the band just enough rigidity and thus allowing you to roll up the headphone such that it fits in an included compact carrying case. The earbuds attach to each other magnetically, maximizing both comfort and swag is an additional advantage.

The BeatsX uses Apple’s new custom low-power Bluetooth chip, the W1, which was the same in the AirPods, the Solo3 Wireless, and PowerBeats3 Wireless. The W1 chip allows an automatic pairing with Apple updated devices that supports the latest versions of its OS (iOS 10, MacOS Sierra and WatchOS 3). Among the trio of new Beats models, the BeatsX is the only new model, and also the first wireless headphone designed with the help of Apple’s design and engineering teams.  The BeatsX is the only wireless headphone that charges with a Lightning cable.

Features Of Beats X Wireless Headphone

Wireless Headphone: Beats X will fit for your life and is the perfect wireless companion. With up to 8 hours of battery life and the Fast Fuel technology, you could experience an authentic, clear sound throughout the day.

Apple’s W1 Chip: Beats and Apple would change the way you listen to music with the invention of Apple W1 technology in Beats X headphone. Incorporating the incredible W1 chip allows a seamless setup and further lets you switch between your Apple devices, amazing battery life, and a 5-minute Fast Fuel charging.

Fast Fuel Charging: With 5 Minutes of Fast Fuel Charge, you would get 2 Hours of Playback when the battery is low. So you need no wait too long for charging. Beats X uses the Lightning cable for charging purpose, which is the first of its kind in the headphone market.

Take Calls With RemoteTalk: Take calls now with an on-cable mic and play music with easy-to-use controls and seamlessly switch back and forth as you go about your day with the Siri-compatible RemoteTalk.

Flexi-Form Cable: The unique and single Flex-Form cable provides a flexible fit for all-day wear, while a variety of ear tip and secure-fit wingtip options would further offer you with a personalized aid and stability.

Authentic & Clear Acoustics: From taking calls to listening to music, clear acoustics would deliver you with an authentic listening experience, no matter wherever your day might take you.

No Strings & No Limits: Beats X is a perfect wireless companion. Need not worry about the strings unless if you’re not going with Beats X headphone.

The Perfect Fit For One’s Life: Whether playing in your ears or hanging around your neck, Beats X is amazingly sleek and comes in comfortable style for all-day wear.

Magnetic Earbuds: When you’re not wearing the Beats X, the magnetic ear buds would keep your earphones tangle-free and also easily coil up for compact portability.

Battery Life: Beats X headphones feature an 8-hour battery life powered by the Apple’s W1 chip. Enjoy wireless listening throughout your day unconditionally. The battery is made of rechargeable Lithium-Ion.

Connections & Expansion:  Stereo Bluetooth and Wireless connections were provided with Beats X.

Other Features: Beats X comes with Remote and Mic options that control the inline call and music controls. It has an inline volume control option along with noise isolation.