The ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA is a slim, lightweight and incredibly stylish 12.5-inch touchscreen Chromebook Flip that has come with the combination of the simplicity and powerful components of Chromebook. It has a fantastic 360° hinge that lets you flip instantly between a high-performance Chromebook, a handy Chromebook tablet, or anything in between. The versatile touchscreen device frees you to work or play from anywhere and at any time with its long lasting battery life, backlit keyboard along with a spacious 104.5mm x 61mm touchpad, and a lightning-fast USB-C port. The ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA gives you access to the thousands of amazingly productive Chrome Apps. The Chromebook would also support the Android apps in the future.

Meet the stunning convertible Chromebook Flip C302 that is power packed with a brilliant and innovative feature into its compact and stylish design, and that includes a 16:9 HD camera, a 1920 x 1080 FHD display. The Chromebook features an elegant silver lid, with a robust and durable metal finish adorning the rest of the chassis. The unique 360° hinge lets you use Chromebook Flip C302CA in an endless variety of ways, including laptop, tablet, stand and tent modes. Chromebook Flip C302CA allows you to communicate, share, work and play the way you want.

Features of ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA

A Clear & Wide View: With its 12.5-inch Full HD wide-viewing-angle panel, ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA is perfect for sharing the screen contents with a group of people, in any mode. Chromebook Flip C302 also features a light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness to suit the ambient lighting.

Intel Core Processors: The Chromebook Flip C302 is powered by the 6th generation Intel Core m3, m7 or Pentium processors and supports up to 8GB of DRAM. The Chromebook Flip C302CA boots up instantly and gives you the performance you need to run apps smoothly.

Work & Play At Your Fingertips: ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA comes with a multi-touch display, and that will enhance your experience on whatever screen angle you choose. ASUS also puts an extra effort to ensure that the display is more accurate and responsive than that of the conventional touchscreens.

Typing Comfort & Redefined: An improved back-assembly provides 1.4mm of key travel and minimal key float, so you get a more solid typing feel. The spacious touchpad of 104.5mm x 61mm found on the Chromebook Flip C302CA has a palm rejection feature which differentiates between the actual fingertip and palm contact to counter accidental cursor movement.

A Flexible Companion: Chromebook Flip C302CA maintains a complete backward compatibility with two USB-C ports lightning-fast transfers of up to 5Gbps. The micro SD card slot makes you conveniently upload photos, videos or other files into the device.

Stay Connected: Chromebook Flip C302CA features the latest, fastest 802.11ac Wi-Fi for speeds up to three times quicker than that of 802.11n. C302CA also features power-efficient Bluetooth 4.0 for quick and convenient connectivity.

Ultraportable Chromebook:  Whether you’re at school, at work, or on travel, the Chromebook Flip C302CA is easy to take anywhere with its fantastic slim and lightweight design

Long Lasting Battery Life: The power-efficient Chromebook Flip C302CA aims to last for up to 10 hours on a single charge. Enjoy with no worries on Chromebook throughout the day while on the move.

Powerfully Clear Sound: Chromebook Flip C302CA has ranged the sound quality with its high-quality stereo speakers along with its extra-large resonant chambers which generate up to 87dB of high-fidelity audio.

Built-In Security Features: Chromebook Flip C302CA with automatic updates and built-in anti-virus protection provides you a safe, secure and always up to date functionality. All the private documents, emails, photos and personal data are kept safe at all times with the rock-solid security of your personal Google account.

Chrome Management Console: Chrome’s web-based management console lets you manage users, applications or devices across your organization from a single place quickly. With Chrome device management, organizations can configure Chrome features for their users, allow or block apps and extensions, as well as force install apps.