With Adidas Ultra Boost, you will feel like you are going to run a whole lot of distance before any wear and tear comes through. Like other running shoes, there are some things that you will like about the Ultra Boost. Up to now, the Adidas has not made a strong showing of Primeknit upper in its performance running line, except Primeknit Boost. Now they are attempting to change that with the release of Knit upper. The new Adidas Ultra Boost received a lot of praise for its appealing look, its durable components and the responsiveness of its mid-sole. Many runners felt they were comfortable throughout their running activities while using this running shoe. The price of Ultra Boost Running Shoe may be little high, but it was worth the investment because of its overall quality. Ultra Boost was released as a possible replacement for the slightly more affordable Energy Boost which gained popularity over the years.

The Adidas Energy Boost works great as a high mileage trainer, but the Boost Midsole bolstered on top increases the unstable feel while running. On Ultra Boost, the developers used a thin layer of continental tire rubber on the outsole of the shoe to improve the grip and to protect the Boost Midsole. Adidas uses elastic-knit in forefoot and midfoot, and a bootie construction in the rear which relies on traditional stretch fabrics. Just like engineered meshes, the single piece Primeknit has several zones of a stretch. It will bring more elastic feeling in the places like the top of the forefoot. The edges and the toe bumper has a closed knit construction to provide better structural support. Moreover, the forefoot top is more porous and breathable, which brings more accommodating space for stretching. Overall Adidas Ultra Boost is ideal for neutral runners.

Features of Adidas Ultra Boost

  • Ultra forefoot on this running shoe feels much roomier, or should we say, enough space for stretching. There is no open space, but the Primeknit upper is fully able to expand and fit around the foot. It also has a lower toe spring, which contributes to the relatively forgiving nature of the shallow toe box.
  • The Front midsole of Ultra Boost is much thinner than in the Back and upper, it provides a better relationship between the foot and the running surface. It also makes the forefoot extremely flexible.
  • Adidas Ultra Boost comes with a Torsion shank – a plastic component which is attached to the underside of the foam midfoot. It will bring you more splay and softer outsole feel.
  • Strobel – a sheet of synthetic leather with the angular holes had separated the midsole and insole. Boost foam is exposed through these holes, and if you were to hold the outsole against bright light, a part of the shine would illuminate the foam.
  • In Adidas Ultra Boost, the compression moulded EVA insole is used along with the lattice-like Strobel. The smooth fabric lining on the top and textured underside reflect the grid like Strobel design and outsole.
  • Sprintweb – a single piece of soft rubber with rectangular perforations exposes the Boost midsole. Scores of rounded rubber nubs jut out of its surface, and they grip tenaciously at first.